Driving Digital Transformation through Big Data
Stratio accompanies businesses on their journey through complete Digital Transformation. From data intelligence to corporate culture, Stratio’s goal is to help the biggest sectors face the myriad of challenges and seize the opportunities that the digital revolution offers.

Our solution
Our solution is a transformational product that uses third generation Big Data technologies to execute the most comprehensive form of Digital Transformation, ensuring scalability, maximum flexibility and adaptation to new markets.

BITS Americas S.A.S.


alltic s.a.s. allied company dedicated to developing custom software and distribution of technology solutions that create competitive advantages in IT

DYM Software Solutions


Solutions for the management of integrated systems management. Support to international norms and standards.-ISoftware. alltic s.a.s is representative for our solutions in Colombia, Central America and Caribbean.

Optima Consulting


Company specialized in consulting and process improvement in information systems based on Oracle technology. alltic s.a.s strategic ally for implementation of solutions and development based on ORACLE.