We are a strategic partner with the ability to support in the acquisition, management and deployment of technology components in organizations which business approach requires high use and subsequent acquisition of technology and those developing technological solutions (software and hardware).

Our services are designed to optimize processes, make the controlled management of risks, identify and promote the implementation of ideas to improve processes, reduce costs and provide a guarantee so the final products are delivered with the necessary quality and adequate support business objectives.



In January 2005 the Municipal Companies of Cali, EMCALI, initiated the project "Integrated Technology Platform" ITP divided into 12 modules. 6 of them provided and deployed the physical infrastructure and hardware required for the software platforms are executed and lifting operational business processes of utilities. The 6 modules remaining provided applications and functions relating to the project's human component, such as general project management, change management, adjustments to the applications to be customized for the client and the lifting of administrative processes. Alltic s.a.s. partners did an active part of the planning, implementation, development and closure of the project, since then they have worked together and individually at the implementing operating models and platforms for different sectors of the economy, being the most significant for telecommunications.

In June 2005, is founded ALLTIC LTDA. in order to handle the enlistment, configuration and delivery of 840 PCs, 15 departmental servers configured to function printers area and servers forms, 45 printer between departmental and personal. After the deliveries appeared the need for all support activities, updating and maintenance during the remainder life of the project.

Since mid-2007 alltic through its partners, integrated and managed different projects associated with technological transformation. Since March 2015 and given the tributary advantages of SAS companies, we decided to give it a legal change to the company to alltic SAS expanding the scope and coverage of the portfolio to capitalize the experience of over 15 years understanding and resolving situations involving ICT projects, to offer services to ensure the successful implementation of technological transformation projects, attending requirements from birth until the organizations are an integral part of their operation.


Accelerate the technological transformation initiatives of our clients, guaranteeing quality, security in their information and continuity in the process; For this we have specialized personnel, processes and technological infrastructure, to achieve the well-being of all interested parties.

We accompany our clients from the moment an IT solution is conceived until it becomes a structural part of the company's operation.


By 2024 we will be recognized as the fastest company in delivering high quality IT solutions in the market and for our innovation in process management and technological transformation projects, thus consolidating our presence in the region.

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