alltic performs integral management of product requirements and different projects, ensuring context and systemic analysis of each of the requirements, properly integrating the functional architecture of the product in terms of requirements turned into features that are integrated into the Product BackLog (PBL) and delivered to their development in the different sprints.

The figure of alltic's functional analyst is directly associated to the Product Owner, with additional know of the software engineering process.

During the stage of knowledge of the customer and product, it's identified the appropriate methods, adapting them to the needs and maturity levels of the impacted organizations, some techniques that we use are:

  • HTA, hierarchical task analysis.
  • JEM, Joint Essential Modeling.
  • UML - Use Cases.
  • Scenarios and storyboards.
  • Direct observation and contextual research.
  • Brainstorming and Mind Maps.
  • Prototypes (Handbooks or digital).
  • Role maps and user profiling.
  • BPM Tools.

alltic integrated into the requirements management process the monitoring to ensure traceability from receipt of the request until its integration with the product in the validation steps and training to final users.

The requirements management strategy is bound in our model to the entire building process of manuals, educational materials and sensitization management and coaching for change. Integrating communication components to all stakeholders who interact and benefit from the applications.