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Common Situations in Telecommunications Sector

It usually has great knowledge of the sector and its needs vs. intermediate knowledge in the management of suitable software solutions.

Alltic Approach 

Based on the international standard model through Business Process Framework, BPF (TM Forum), (formerly eTOM):

  • As a specialists in telecommunications business and software engineering, we help bridge the gap between commercial and technic language.
  • Provide specialized support to define and and trace the potential boundaries of software components that must be aligned with the needs of customers and end users platforms .
  • Support the telecommunication operators to do their transformation, both, IT level and operations.

It is common
Regulation changes that constantly impact processes and BSS  and OSS platforms.

Alltic Approach
Knowledge and correctly interpretation about the regulation to lifting  the validate requirements with legal assistance specialized  in telecommunications.

Backwardness in the final phase of transition in IT projects or  functions that are not used after delivered.

Alltic Approach

  • Effective Communication, training and coaching to adopt processes and  methods proposed by the technological components to be involved in BBS/OOS platforms.
  • Apply ideas to improve telecommunications processes, based Business Process Framework ( formerlyeOTM)
  • Guarantee that final products are delivered with the required quality and the right supportto the business objectives aimed at a effective and timely  time to market.