alltic promotes project management guided by the quality of products and platforms.

The quality strategy for each project integrates with variable time and budget, allowing for the quality analysis of deliveries and product provide the strategic support to the project management to make wise decisions.

Based on the TMMI model, test methodology is adapted from the definitions made together by the project team, also considering the maturity level of the organization and project team.

In every project is established the different needs of types and levels of QA required, considering:

  1. Functional Testing Component Level: Corresponds to test that validates the correct and complete operation of processes that involve components of the product log originated in the user story from a sprint of development.
  2. Functional Testing Integration Level: Corresponds to the test that validates the correct and complete coupling of the component delivered by the factory with the impacted system.
  3. Functional Testing Level System: Corresponds to the validation of complete cycles of business operation and integration of all the impacted modules. This test is done in coordination with the functional team and taking full data flows.
  4. Functional Test Level Acceptance: Acceptance testing is performed in the company of a group of final users or system customers, to ensure that the developed system meets the needs of business and operation in a controlled environment.
  5. Performance Tests: Evaluate the conformity of a system or component with specific performance requirements. It simulates a large number of users, load and volume of information to monitor Hardware performance and resources use of applications.

As an added value to the product quality management, alltic incrementally promotes the implementation of best practices originated in the analysis of indicators of product and process control during the project, identifying opportunities for improvement and lessons learned in the retrospective meetings of the team.